The marina is upgrading its fuel with BP Ultimate 98 octane to be available from mid February. Ultimate 98 gives better performance with a deeper clean for your engine and it also guards against corrosion. BP Ultimate does NOT contain ethanol. It is the highest octane fuel BP has on the market. Better fuel all round.

This is looking from the north- eastern side of the new Harwood Bridge…..$1.6 billion of engineering marvel. 30 metre clearance for the biggest masts. Not open to road traffic yet as all the connecting roads etc need to be finished. The second picture is from the north-western side of the bridge….showing the old bridge in the foreground.


New boat for Australian Navy. Built by YWE. Getting her first fuel at Yamba Marina. HUGE diesel outboards. Sea trials coming up.

Well at low tide on Sunday January 20 2019 you could have water-skied across it……wow that’s flat!

Over the past few days we have noticed quite a few dolphins in the Clarence River (never when we had a camera haha).

Thought it might be a good time to remind boat owners (including jet skis) to keep an eye out for these great creatures.

The ones we have seen have been in pods of 4-6. They’ve been cruising all the way up to Harwood Bridge. Please keep an eye out….they can be hard to spot at times.

Ballina Marine Rescue BA 30 is on the hardstand having her motors replaced.

Take a look at the hull…she looks brand new!!!!!!.

The hardstand is getting back into full swing so if you need to come out of the water call the office to book a slot.

We have new luminous numbers for our moorings and they will be applied over the next few days. The top one identifies the mooring as owned by the marina and the mooring number. The bottom number is our commercial mooring licence number. We have 21 moorings at this stage, 8 in what we call marina west and 13 in marina north. All will be clearly marked and are reflective for night time identification.


So far summer has been spectacular on the NSW Far North Coast. Just look at the colour of the sky behind the famous Light House at Yamba. The whole area is abuzz with people enjoying a typical Australian beach summer. Long may it continue….and may many more people get to enjoy what this wonderful country has to offer. The very best wishes to all for 2019.

It’s a real busy time at Yamba Marina. We have boats coming and going…and staying. If you need a berth please call first and we will do our best to help you out. Marina office open from 8AM every day.

Nice to see some regulars back for the holidays. We are open from 8AM everyday. Come and hire a boat (not this one!!) and do some fishing on the mighty Clarence River!.