From Monday August 10 we will be undertaking some major works on the hardstand and outside the Marina Office area.

We ask that you limit activities in the space identified to avoid any problems. The area will be clearly marked and all safety precautions will bet taken.

The major thing to keep in mind is to keep physical visits to the Marine Office to a minimum as there will be site work going on. Call the marina on 02 6646 9898 or email

Yamba Marina will be fully operational during the works but will not be providing diesel fuel for approx 5 days. All other services will continue but parts of the hardstand and office entrance will be a work zone.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


You may be aware that the Cruising Yacht Club in Sydney has reported two cases of Covid 19. We must ask all people visiting Yamba Marina to tell us if you have been in a Covid 19 hotspot in the past 14 days. We have had some customers not quite tell the truth about their movements and we cannot stress how important honesty is. If you have been in Victoria or visited a Sydney hotspot area in the past two weeks please do not visit Yamba Marina. We highly recommend to everyone that if you have the slightest symptoms please get tested.

We need to keep the North Coast and Yamba free of this shocking virus. And please be civil to our staff if they enquire about you travel movements. It is for the good of everybody. Thank you.

Thank you Mr Lee. Great pic.

With the Covid-19 crisis in a new stage we want to continue the fight to do the right thing. We’ve noticed more visitors around and that’s great for the town. BUT. If you are from Victoria please don’t get offended if we ask for your home address or your postcode. We want everyone to be safe. People arrive in Yamba by car, boat, bus, bike and planes to nearby airports. When you come to Yamba Marina we want you to enjoy yourself….so please be kind when staff ask you where you are from. It’s for the best for everyone.

The marina phone lines are not working properly. When you call our number you are told we are NOT CONNECTED.

The problem should be fixed by COB on June 1. In the meantime send us a message by email to or call the mobile 0413 111 555. Bloody Telstra…..the customer service from this once great Australian company is now shocking.

With borders closed and boat movements restricted we have a very full marina right now…HOWEVER we can always find space for travelling boats. Please give us 24 hours notice if you can so we can organize space.  And look at section one of our hardstand…it’s empty this Monday morning…and look how neat it is!. That wont last long!!!!!!


We love the following…..enjoy and pass on…..



With the Queensland border looing like re-opening next month please consider making your hardstand bookings well in advance. We want to help everyone…but it’s not helpful if you call the day before you want to be lifted out!  Also please give us plenty of notice if you would like a marina berth. Demand is heavy right now so please book well in advance.

Hardstand Area 1 is full again this week. So is Hardstand Area 2. If you need space call the marina so we can book you time. Even under grey skies the daytime temps are in the 20’s so it’s ideal working weather.