Entries by Peter Sutton

Mooring update

We have 21 swing moorings at Yamba Marina and each and every one has just undergone its annual check. All blocks were lifted and all chains and shackles inspected and found to be in great condition. We take our obligations to provide quality services very seriously. All moorings will again be inspected in October 2021. […]

Big and small

The yard is busy. The weather is great. If you need to use the hardstand PLEASE book in. We can’t help with just one days’ notice. Nice picture of a beautiful restored Hood 20 on a purpose-built trailer next to a lovely local boat.


Guess Left next to our rubbish bins at the marina… Week 1;  Toilet Week 2;  Toilet Week 3;   Kitchen sink Week 4;  Toaster Week 5;   ?????? Some people!

The “Black Pearl” – for sale

Our old friend Angus Hyslop passed away in hospital a few weeks ago. His estate has asked us to find a new owner for the “Black Pearl”. She’s a Compass 30. Angus was a published author of a string of books. It is perhaps appropriate that we tell you not to judge this book by […]


Top Fuels at Yamba Marina

From mid-September 2020 Yamba Marina will be offering Ultimate Diesel Fuel for its customers. Yamba Marina already carries Ultimate Unleaded Fuel so the arrival of Ultimate Diesel will complete the change of all Marina Fuel to the Ultimate variety. Yamba Marina fuel is supplied by BP and is the highest quality available on the North […]