Entries by Peter Sutton

Always ready to help.

After the recent flood events and wild weather it has been great to see the Port Authority doing detailed marine survey work in the Port Of Yamba. These guys chart the depths of the entrance to the Clarence River, the channels and river itself so navigation is safe. We lift their boats in and out […]

Ocean days

We all want this…blue skies, clean water and gentle breezes. Remember what it was like before the floods? Good times. Boat are moving and the coast is clear. Safe boating everyone.

Another day…..another flood!

The far North Coast has copped it again and we are getting more flood waters at the marina. These pictures are at high tide this morning. More flood waters will come down the river from Grafton over the next 24 hours. All the boats in the marina are safe HOWEVER we recommend all owners check […]

Please call or email to book a berth

It is very busy on the waterfront and berths at the marina are scarce. Please call in advance if you are seeking a berth for one day or one week or one month!. You can also book via the website at www.yambamarina.com.au   Moorings are also heavily committed so plenty of notice is required.

Everything is OK

It’s now over a week since the floods around Yamba dropped to below minor levels. It is our pleasure to report that Yamba Marina survived this massive weather event unscathed. As the marina is in a protected boat harbour we were not affected at all by the huge amount of debris that came washing down […]


Big Wet

Huge amounts of water continue to fall in Northern NSW. Yamba has seen its share and so far everything is going OK. We would like to ask all owners to check on board their boats when they can to look for any leaks…as you know water will find its way on board anyway it can!!! […]