As the Covid-19 situation continues to develop we ask that all Yamba Marina customers and guests strictly abide by NSW Government Guidelines. From Sunday June 27 2021 all people visiting the Marina Office are asked to wear face masks and to observe social distancing and hand hygiene requirements.

Customers and visitors from Greater Sydney are asked to stay away from Yamba Marina until Friday July 9, 2021 or until the NSW Government advises otherwise. Staff at the marina will be following strict guidelines and we ask for your help in making this difficult time bearable to all.

A new boat for Marine Rescue NSW. Built by Harwood Marine. Looking great!

Windy from the West and South-west. Gusts to 40kms. Good time to be in the safe surrounds of Yamba Marina. Sun is out. Enjoy winter on the legendary Pacific Coast.

The east coast has seen some very big seas over the past few days. It is NOT the time to be out at sea in a boat no matter what the size. Things will clam down soon and people will be travelling by water. We have a favourite saying……”don’t die for a deadline”.  Be safe and take the cautious approach.