Updated August 16, 2020

Yamba Marina is a member of the BIA and the MIAA and is an accredited “Clean Marina” through the internationally recognized MIAA program. Yamba Marina is proud to be involved in safe boating, continuous education and always acts in an environmentally friendly manner.

Description of site

  • 94 Floating Berths. Concrete and timber construction within a river estuary.
  • 21 swing mooring within a river estuary.
  • Hardstand yard for boat maintenance and repairs.
  • Boat slip facility via marine travel-lift.
  • 10 workshops leased to commercial tenants.
  • 5 retail/club/café offices.
  • 1 Laundry. 2 x amenities block.
  • Car parking for 132 cars.
  • Lawns and gardens within the marina precinct.

Description and likelihood of hazards

  • Underground fuel storage facility. Diesel and unleaded fuel.
  • Floating fuel wharf with delivery hoses for Diesel and unleaded fuel.
  • Storage of small amount of two stroke engine oil.
  • 2 x gas cylinders.
  • Storage of small amount of boat antifoul paint in locked facility.
  • Boat Fire.
  • Building fire.
  • Fuel/sewerage/black water spill from boats

Contact numbers for evacuation, notification and response

Yamba Marina Office: 02 6646 9898

Peter Sutton: 0413 111 555

Graham Atkins: 0447 197 190

Police, Fire & Ambulance: 000

Marine Rescue Iluka/Yamba: 02 6646 3311

EPA Environmental line: 131 555

Maritime Boating Office: 0428 243 100

Pre-emptive actions

As part of our protection and commitment to the environment Yamba Marina provides all staff up-to date training on emergency response, risk assessment and infrastructure assessment, loss monitoring for underground fuel storage, environment operations, and there is routine maintenance by fuel contractors.

The designated supervisor on-site (normally the marina manager) is charged with investigating all reported hazards which are then documented and detailed for corrective action. Once the corrective actions have been taken, they will be documented and signed-off and filed.

All fire equipment is subject to six monthly external audits. All electrical equipment is subject to six monthly external audits. All fire and electrical equipment are checked by a senior staff member at least every 7 days for compliance.

All marine paint is stored in original tins and is locked in a separate stand-alone cabinet/container.

Safety equipment

  • Marine Spill kit available at top of ramp to fuel dock. Checked daily.
  • Clear signage on fuel dock detailes emergency response.
  • Marina fire hose reels to reach every marina berth.
  • Fire extinguishers in offices and on fuel dock.
  • Locked storage cabinets for flammable materials.
  • Storage and use of hazardous substances in accordance with the MSDS.

In the unlikely event of a fuel spill it is anticipated the following actions will be taken

  1. Identify the source AND type of spill.
  2. Control leakage and slow or stop the leak at source.
  3. Control and or divert leak.
  4. Notify Marina Management immediately.
  5. Notify appropriate authorities.
  6. Avoid disturbance and contact with leaked materials.
  7. Caution all people present of any danger or risk.
  8. Evacuate all non-essential people from the immediate area.
  9. Assess further likely dangers to nearby vessels or the marina structure.
  10. Once contained and it is safe to do so, record a full written record of what happened, the time it took place, what actions were taken, the people in attendance and the result of all actions.
  11. The PIRMP is updated as required in the event of an incident. In accordance with Part 5.7A of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act of 1997 the PIRMP will be tested at least annually.

Staff training at Yamba Marina

  • At least one staff member on each shift is trained in First Aid.
  • Regular training on-site for fire control and hazardous material handling.
  • Emergency response training and emergency response drills.
  • All staff and visitors to the site are made aware of site-specific emergency procedures and the location of the emergency assembly area.

Most recent PIRMP test; August 16, 2020

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