The hardstand is very busy. Plenty of boats booked to come out so if you need to service your craft call the marina to book in. We have shipwrights, riggers and mechanics to help with whatever you need. The weather has been stunning as well.

Lots of activity on the coast… going north and south. Welcome to Yamba Marina!

A good job by all.

When you come to Yamba Marina all our mooring buoys are clearly identified. Staff will tell you which buoy has been allocated to your boat. You can see they are identified with the Marina buoy number and the commercial buoy licence number.  It really is quite simple.

NSW Marine Rescue will be collecting expired flares for disposal this Saturday June 4 at Yamba Boat Ramp from 10.30AM to 12.30PM. Get rid of your old flares. They can be dangerous. Most flares only have a life of three years. Do the right thing and dispose of them safely.

Blue skies in the Northern Rivers and the boating traffic is building up. Remember to call ahead if you need a berth as things are very busy. We’ll have a couple of hardstand specials coming up next month so keep an eye out if you need to be out of the water for a week or more. Be safe everyday.

You have no idea of some of the things we see when we pull boats out of the water. Don’t leave your service too long! Call Graham at the marina to book a haul-out. Do you know you actually save money pulling your boat out more often to do the regular service? It’s true.


After the recent flood events and wild weather it has been great to see the Port Authority doing detailed marine survey work in the Port Of Yamba. These guys chart the depths of the entrance to the Clarence River, the channels and river itself so navigation is safe. We lift their boats in and out of the water so they can do their valuable work. Safety is our priority always.

We all want this…blue skies, clean water and gentle breezes. Remember what it was like before the floods?

Good times. Boat are moving and the coast is clear. Safe boating everyone.