Lots of boats are moving around right now. We’d love to see you at Yamba Marina. Remember to call ahead to book your berth.
We’d love a few days notice if possible.

The floods are a thing of the past (almost). Boats are now travelling the coast again. Good to see. Lets hope the weather stays good for the Easter break. Stay safe on the water. (PS; These 2 boats are 65ft and 85ft)

These two pictures were taken today at high tide of 1.63 metres. The walkway is never this high on that tide. It looks like there is about 500ML of flood water on top of the tide. All is OK. The sun is now out and the flood waters upstream have dropped dramatically. The flood water at Yamba should start to drop over the next few days.

Since Lucy recently appeared in a TV ad she hasn’t quite been the same!!! LOL

People always ask; What is the height of the new bridge over the Clarence River? The safe height for yachts to pass underneath is approx 30 metres (you need to arrange to have the old bridge opened to complete the journey). Opening times can be arranged with at least 24 hours notice. So the river is open for business for yachts…all the way to Grafton.

This is the American boat Patriot damaged last week in the lead up to the America’s Cup. The other countries involved, Italy, the UK and hosts New Zealand, all chipped in to get their rival back on the water. What better way to say thanks than with a “band aid” over the wound made up of the flags of the three nations that helped with this great effort. Well done humans!

Yamba is packed and holiday makers are having a ball. The weather has been kind and people are using their boats both on the Clarence and off-shore. The marina is packed right now. If you are looking for a berth please call before you arrive. We will do our best to help. There are lost of dolphins in the river so be careful out there.