Yamba Marina Hire Boats – HD0153 March 2020

  1. All clients are to be shown a detailed map of the immediate operational area and advised by staff where they are permitted to go, speed limits, restricted areas and the location of boat ramps in the area.
  2. A hire boat form is to be completed with full hirer details. On-shore contact names and phone numbers should be recorded in case of emergency. An on-board mobile phone contact for the hire boat user will be included. -duration of hire to be noted together with the estimated time of return. Boat number recorded. Number of occupants to be recorded defining adults/children.
  3. Before leaving the marina the designated driver of the hire boat is to be given a briefing as to the operation of the boat including the motor, anchor and oars.
  4. All passengers are to be advised as to the safety equipment on board, its location and operation. Life jackets must be supplied to all passengers.
  5. If a hire boat is overdue for return, staff will endeavour to make contact by mobile.
  6. In the event contact cannot be made and there is concern for the hire boats’ safety Maritime, Police and Marine Rescue will be notified. Yamba Marina will remain staffed until the situation is resolved.
  7. In the event of local bad weather clients should be advised the boats are not for hire. If the weather worsens during the day when boats are already out, every effort should be made to contact hire boats via mobile phone. Yamba Marina may choose to send a tender to try to locate the boat/(s) in question but only if conditions are safe to do so.
  8. Should an incident occur requiring medical assistance, hire boats should be advised to proceed to the nearest pickup location. They are (a) Crystal Waters boat ramp, (b) Iluka boat ramp, (c) Yamba Marina.
  9. Emergency services are to be advised which location the hire boat is proceeding to and estimated time of arrival.
  10. A written report is to be lodged with the marina office about any incident that requires outside assistance. The report is to be date and time stamped.

Emergency contacts:

Emergency: 000

Yamba Police: 6603 0199

Marine Rescue: 6646 6311

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