A beautiful Maritimo S70 sitting on the fuel dock at first light.

Clouds rolling in from the south. A perfect day turned upside down very quickly. But it was all over very quickly too and

nowhere near as bad as it looked. But it did look spectacular!!!!. Photo by Kent Sheppard.

The yard has been very busy after all the rain. If you plan to get the boat out before the summer rush we suggest you book in soon. Long-term commitments on the hardstand are limiting space and we need to plan ahead to fit everyone in.

The seas remain confused and big. Stay away from bar crossings.

A number of boats (yachts in particular) have run aground in recent times at the “top hole in the wall” adjacent to Freeburn Island in the Clarence River.

It is obvious from damage to boats that this channel is not suitable for anything but shallow draft local boats. We have raised the matter a number of times with authorities and a “Notice to Mariners” should soon be issued. Following that, electronic charts should be updated.

In the meantime yachts in particular should avoid “the top hole the wall” adjacent to Freeburn Island.

Here’s the latest addition to our customer base. The 24 metre fishing boat “DD”. Welcome.

We’ve got a big girl on the slips from Sydney. The yard is getting busy so if you want the boat out of the water to get ready for summer call Graham in the office.

This week we’ve launched the new marina website.
It contains everything you’ll need to know about the marina, including weather, tides, prices, booking information, and marina news.