Its a wet start to the holiday weekend….but the three fishing charter boats are out at sea…the weather will get better….but the rain is very, very appreciated……enjoy Australia Day……

Yamba has had more than 200mm of rain in the past two days….that almost 8 inches of moisture. This is a reminder to check your boat for excess water….we all know that rain can find its way into almost any hull. We do keep on eye on the lines of each boat….but its the owners job to check down below after major rain events.

It’s pouring in Yamba. In the past 24 hours nearly 150mm of rain…that’s about six inches on the old scale….the pools are full, the grass is soaked….and the skies are grey. More rain predicated along with some strong winds. Isn’t nature grand!!!!!

Our handstand is full and we cannot take any more bookings until the end of January. If you are planning to pull your boat out we suggest you call Graham after the Australia Day long weekend to make your plans.