Ok, its that time of year again. Here’s a special offer for anyone who has work to do on their boat and needs time to do it – at half price!!!

If you can come out of the water on either Monday July 15 or Tuesday July 16 and stay out until at least Monday August 5 you will get HALF-PRICE hardstand – and you will only be charged the days YOU WORK on your boat (a $7.00 environmental levy will be charged everyday however). There are only limited spaces available so its first in, best dressed!!!!

Keep in mind the Travelift will not be operating during this period so once you are out of the water you stay out until August 5 or 6.  Please be aware that payment of the account will be required in full before the boat returns to the water.

To book a slot call Graham or Sonya on 02 6646 9898.

Keep an eye out on approach to the marina….there’s a BIG yacht on the end of D Arm and she’ll be here for a while!!!!.


It’s the time of year when everyone with some work to do on their boats wants to come out of the water.

Our hardstand has been pretty full recently but we can always find space for a day, a week, a month or even longer.

We also have long-term storage for boats up to 60 feet in our lock-up hardstand area. You can’t do major work on your boat in this area. It’s simply secure, out-of-the-water storage. Call the office to discuss your needs.






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At around noon today it was blowing at about 20 knots from the south west. The winds are expected to increase to around 45 knots by days end. We have done a couple of marina walks and added a few extra ropes where needed. We will keep an eye on things until this blow works its way past. Stay safe on the water.

Big or small….time for an autumn tidy up before heading north…or just staying in the beautiful Clarence River cruising waters. Don’t forget we can look after all your needs at Yamba Marina….shipwrights, riggers etc. And remember you can work on your own boats in our yard – but you must follow the rules. We operate 7 days a week so come and enjoy some small town relaxed atmosphere and highly competitive prices. We promise you will not be disappointed.


It might be getting a little colder but people are still out enjoying their boats. If you are travelling and need a berth, please call before you arrive so we can fit you in.

We are often asked “Does Propspeed work”? The answer is YES if you apply it properly and
don’t try to cut corners. We are approved applicators of Propspeed and to that end we do
the job the right way. Don’t ask us to do a cheap job…we won’t. Done the right way
Propspeed is a great way to keep your prop/s in tip top order. Call the marina and speak with

Yamba Marina is a fully accredited agent for Thrifty Car Rentals. We’ve been doing that for ten years and are the only rental car business based in Yamba. We are open 7 days a week. If you need to rent a car, a ute or a truck (even a bus) you can do it online at www.thrifty.com.au  or you can call the marina office on 02 6646 9898.