Despite the pickle we all find ourselves in at the moment, we try to look for the blue sky. At some time in the not too distant future things will start to look up and we will all get back to normal. In the meantime lets make the best of what we have got. Today we put all the boats in from the hardstand so we have some space available for you to work on your boat. With skies like this messin’ around on boats may just be the tonic you need. Be safe and be positive. Things will get better. Remember the blue sky.

Please be advised that its business as usual at Yamba Marina as we try to adapt to this rapidly changing world. We are however asking all our customers, their friends and others visiting the site, to practice “social distancing”….that is, remaining at least 1.5 metres apart when conversing.

We also want everyone to wash their hands BEFORE and AFTER using marina facilities and where possible to avoid leaning or holding onto hard surface such as the marina office counter.  We encourage customers to report any matters of concern to marina staff.

Most importantly; If you have recently returned to Australia from ANYWHERE overseas please refrain from visiting the marina for at least 14 days. 

We will be reviewing the marina hours of operation on a daily basis. If we are forced to reduce opening times contact will still be possible by telephone, email, Facebook and direct via the marina website

It is advisable to make marina bookings well in advance of your arrival. Ultimate unleaded and diesel fuel are in plentiful supply.

Please be cautious and be safe.







The 2020 Yamaha Variety Jet Trek is underway with the first leg today from Grafton to Yamba. This great charity event is a fun way to raise charity funds and we are happy to play our part…….

The teams will now head north ending their journey on the Sunshine Coast next weekend. Travel safe guys…..and well done!!!!!

Yamba Marina will continue to operate as normal during this time of heightened health concerns. HOWEVER we ask that everyone visiting the marina obey simple health rules. Wash hands before and after using any marina facilities. Do not visit the marina if you exhibit any signs of flu or flu-like symptoms. We also urge people to observe the practice of “social distancing”…that is, keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other customers when conversing. If we keep Yamba and surrounds covid-19 fee it will mean much needed resources can be applied in other areas of need.

We continue to monitor official health warnings and advice and we will move at any time to meet standards set by the Government and Health Authorities. Be safe and be mindful of others.



Just a quick word about Caronavirus. As we have shared facilities at the marina, including showers, toilets and laundry machines, we ask that ALL customers observe a high level of personal hygiene and make sure hands are washed before and after using the facilities. If we all play our part things will be OK. If you develop a cough or high temperature contact health authorities (preferably by telephone in the first instance) to get the right advice. THANK YOU.


Wonderful world…..nature…..we love you!!!!

The landing barge that did such great work during the Mallacoota fires in Victoria on her way home to Townsville. Great job by the crew on board….Army men and women we should be all very proud of. Thank you guys.

February has been quite a month so far…..330mm of rain to date compared to the long term average for the month of 157mm. The February temperature so far has averaged 26.9 degrees…long term average 26.7 degrees…. Blue skies now….good time to get work done on your boat. Call Graham to book a lot.

The rain might have gone for now…but the Clarence River is chocked with debris from the flood. We’ve seen trees, fences and dead animals floating past.  The obstacles remain mostly submerged so BE CAREFULL IN YOUR BOAT.

Weather forecasting is a difficult business. This view is looking north today. So far in 2020 we’ve had 515mm of rain. The long term average for the same period…..297mm. And to think a few weeks ago the skies were full of smoke. A good time to check the bilges….water gets in to boats from very strange places…..