We’d like to remind all our customers of the need for safety on the marina. If you are using bikes, electric or man-powered please DO NOT ride them on the marina walkways or fingers. It has come to our notice that some customers are riding bikes to get to and from their boats. PLEASE DO NOT DO this. Just push the bike until you leave the floating section of the marina.

Also…we like dogs….but all dogs must be on a lead when moving around the floating marina and marina grounds. The combination of dogs off leads and people riding bikes on the marina can be very dangerous.


This boat owner got into a big of trouble. He’s OK now….safe at Yamba Marina

The weather is perfect to work on your boat in the cooler winter months. Call the office and book in a lift- out for your annual boat overhaul. Yamba is beautiful right now.

Always be on the lookout for moving vehicles when you visit the marina and the hardstand. The yard is very busy and you must take extra care at all times. Your safety is important to us.

Essential Energy has advise of a power outage from 8AM to 4PM on Tuesday May 14, 2024.

This is to allow for routine network maintenance in the local area, including the marina. Thank you for your co-operation.

Our handstand is back in full swing after some unforeseen repairs to our travel lift operator (not the machine haha). If you need to come out of the water for your annual service call the office and book a slot.  We are open 7 days a week. Come and enjoy Yamba and the famous Yamba Marina hospitality!